Project Description

What is a ‘placement’ at Bike Project Surrey?

You may be a young person or adult looking for something useful and interesting to do while you decide what your next step is – or you might know or work with someone who is not working or in education. Well, you might come to Bike Project Surrey to get work experience and learn to service and maintain bikes – whether it’s keeping their own bike on the road or getting ready for work in the bike industry. We offer a place that is inclusive and supportive so that people feel that they belong and have fun. It’s great to look at a bike that you fixed and got working again.

Adults who are not in work, education or training come to us for work experience, learning bike mechanic and maintenance and work experience. We find that our friendly environment can be a very positive part of life for a group of people who might otherwise be lonely and isolated. Activity and roles include working in the workshop, driving for collections and deliveries, working in the shop or taking calls or data entry in the office. We take self-referrals as well as referrals from adult social care and other local authority agencies. Email or call for more information and how to get involved.

What adults, families and referring agencies can expect from a placement at Bike Project: supportive and understanding learning environment; all safeguarding concerns escalated using local authority procedures.

Make a referral to Bike Project Surrey

Download and use our Adult Referral Form to complete on your PC and send back to Bike Project Surrey Coordinator.