Project Description

Affordable recycled secondhand bikes by Bike Project Surrey for sale to the whole community. You can donate your old bike then our qualified mechanics, students and volunteers work on them so that they’re ready to ride again.

Donated bikes are saved from the dump then recycled so that they ride again – keeping bikes on the road (or track). We get a whole range of bikes – vintage, rare find, children’s bikes, hybrids – found at the stations, your garden, your shed, police even bring them. We can give your bike a new good home and while we’re working on students get the chance to learn how to fix bikes and works towards a qualification.

This also means that bikes people don’t use get to ride again rather than being left to rust. We sell our fully reconditioned bikes at affordable prices so that as many people can have a bike as possible.

We recycle all your tyres and inner tubes with Velorim and Cycle for Good.

We love getting reviews – if you think we deserve one go to our Bike Project Surrey Facebook Review page or google review page and tell us what you think – it really helps.

If you think we could have done better please get in touch, call or email us immediately so we can be better or help you.

Here’s some of the donated bikes that we have refurbished…

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Or call the Bat Phone 01483 570 521